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In order to control whether the welds in construction or production are in accordance to standard and code requirements or not, an agreement with an approval company is done. Generally, the owner of the construction or production determines the approval company. And the approval company determines the type of inspections required. Contractor or shipyard who will perform all welding jobs, can contact us to perform below job items. We provide below services for our product range.

  • Determination of base metal properties
  • Determination of welding procedure
  • Selection of welding consumables and power sources
  • Preperation of welding shop with respect to welding jobs
  • Determination of weld groove type
  • Determination of welding positions and parameters
  • Determimation of pre-heating and post-weld heat treatments
  • Preperation of the working plan, supplying consumables for testing, performing the welding tests, preperation of test samples and performing tests required in applied standards.
  • Determination and supply of all welding consumables, power sources and equipments which are necessary for the applicable welding processes
  • Welder's training for welder certification of approval companies


The main factors effecting the weld quality are job knowledge and ability of welders. Therefore such companies who are in need of this can apply us to increase welding knowledge, improve techniques and abilities of welders and to be certified by approval companies. Cost of these training courses depends on scope of welder certificate, number of participants and present knowledge level of welders.

Participants who take welder certification training courses can be successfull in certification exams of TL (Turkish Lloyd), BV (Bureau Veritas), GL (Germenischer Loyd), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), LR (Loyd Register), DNV (Det Nortke Veritas), TÜV and M.E.T.U. Welding Technology Center.

You can fill and send
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