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Oil and Gas Industries

Oil and gas industries have a leading role in energy segment in the world. These industries are using certain essential materials, including carbon steels, low and high alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and non-ferrous alloys. Plate, pipe, profile and cast form of these materials have requirements which are defined according to increasing capacity or replacing refining capacity. Oil and gas industries have a key role on future material trends.

Critical material usage, their inspection requirements, assignment of each critical material on the construction have high importance, especially in the event of emergency conditions. Critical design, engineering and construction skills are required.

Welding is the main joining and repair process, used by oil and gas refineries, which makes welding the prime important process especially under emergency conditions. Welding consumables have to fulfill the strict requirements of critical materials like very high toughness at low temperatures, high creep resistance, less sensitivity to temper embrittlement, high resistance to different corrosion attacks, which are necessary requirements in below listed sections of refineries. Magmaweld is combining, critical material knowledge, API standards and special requirements of refineries with its designing and manufacturing abilities.

Sections of an Oil Refinery;

1. Crude distillation (including desalting, vacuum and stabilization)
2. Catalytic reforming and feed preparation
3. Catalytic cracking
4. Delayed coking
5. Hydrotreating
6. Hydrocracking
7. Hydrogen plant
8. Alkylation Off-site and auxiliary facilities considered are:
9. Tankage and tank farm piping
10. Steam generation
11. Power distribution
12. Antiknock additive mixing plants
13. Cooling water towers
14. Waste water separator and emulsion treating
15. Instrument air
16. Plant air
17. Fire protection

All welding processes are used in oil and gas industries;
Therefore Magmaweld developed Stick Electrodes, MIG/MAG Wires, TIG Rods, Flux Cored Wires and SAW Wire-Flux Combinations in order to meet the challenging demands of the industry with good weldability and sound welds.

While refinery equipment element construction and spool production weldings are performed indoors, assembly welds of equipment and construction, piping and pipe laying and storage tank productions are performed outdoors. While indoor welds are easier to perform and inspect, outdoor welds are very critical due to weather conditions, mounting, erection and inspection limitations.
Performance of welding consumables and equipment is very important to achieve safety and continuous production in the indoor and outdoor facilities of refineries even under emergency conditions. Magmaweld equipment & consumables are designed and produced to meet these tough expectations.

Having on consumables is important to have sound welds in both on-site off-site welds, but the more critical in off-site welds.

Our close relation with refineries and related industries allows us to observe the needs of the worksites, welding engineer’s & welder’s expectations in order to increase productivity, safety and quick fixing of emergency situations. Our products and production processes are developed, by listening the voice of the customers and committing to the international standards with necessary Approvals.