Accessing User Manuals Is Now Easier And Faster

You can access the user manuals of your Magmaweld welding machines online from your computer, or you can now quickly access them by scanning the QR code on your machine with your tablet or mobile phone.

All information about your welding machine is a phone away.

1. Accessing with the QR Code

The warning label on each machine contains a QR code.

You can easily access the user manual of your machine by scanning the QR code with the cameras of your smartphones or tablets.

2. Accessing from the Website

You can quickly access the user manuals from the Magmaweld website, too. First of all, search for the product that you are interested in the welding machines tab on the Magmaweld website.

When you reach the product page, enter the ''Documents'' tab.

Here you can find all documents such as product technical sheets, user manuals, or certificates.

You are offered 2 options to access user manuals:

1. You can easily access the up-to-date manual of the product by clicking on the ''PDF''.

2. You can access the most compatible user manual for your machine by entering your ''Machine Serial Number'' in the relevant field and pressing the search button.