BF 11
DIN 8511 F-HS 2
Product Features and Advantages
Cleans the surface before brazing and ensures coating of the rod on theworkpiece by  preventing oxidation. It can be cleaned after brazing operation with mechanical methods such as wire brush, grinding, immersing while the workpiece is hot, and special cleaning solutions.
Application Information

Used for brazing of the steel and cast irons with copper-zinc, copper-zinc-nickel alloyed brazing rods.

Typical Physical Analysis of the Weld Metal (%)
Working Temperature (°C)Density (gr/cm³)Conductivity (Sm/mm²)
Packaging Information
Product CodeQuantity per BoxBox Gross Weight (kg)Boxes per Outer BoxOuter Box Gross Weight (kg)
80611YZZ820.50 KG0.60100.60