Environment Friendly

Nature Friendly Life
In our new facility with a closed area of 50.000 m² on a total area of 70.000 m² in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, all the legal responsibilities stipulated by the laws are fully satisfied and our company holding a Class B Emission Authorization Certificate takes the necessary measures by performing the envisaged measurements in a timely manner. As the result of this, we live in a green environment by breathing fresh air.

We provided a peaceful living environment intertwined with nature by transforming the surroundings of our plant into an tour park. When we acquired our plant land, there were a total of four trees here and we unfortunately had to cut three of them to proceed with the construction. In the 12th year of our factory establishment, we now have a coppice forest of 1200 different types of trees and plants such as cypress, larch, sycamore, acacia, maple, ornamental apple, ornamental plum, magnolia, olive, loquat, plum, blue spruce, cedar, badger, paulownia and oleander.

While choosing the tree types, we have minimized water consumption by choosing trees that can live naturally in this geography. In cases where irrigation became absolutely necessary, we used drip irrigation system and used our essential water need more efficiently.

As we know the importance of trees and forests for nature, we reduce our paper use in our business processes as much as possible. In addition to this, we have paper recycling points at each office to ensure the recycling of our waste paper.

We raise awareness in our employees for them to love and protect nature to live a healthy life. For this purpose, we carry out group studies and determine our areas of improvement and provide trainings. Trekking, picnics and planting trees are among the activities which we attach particular importance to.

In office environments, we also pay attention to energy saving and water usage; eventually behind the electrical energy consumed in the current power generation mix, a carbon dioxide emission is in question. Pursuant to this, we also choose our office equipment and lighting fixtures with lower energy consumption and we pay attention to turn off the lights and air conditioners at lunch breaks. We have also prevented excessive water consumption by using photocell taps.

Nature Friendly Production

We act with an energy saving awareness within the production facilities of our plant. For example, the roof lightings have been designed and applied in such a way to diffuse light to the inside in the best way but to prevent the escape of excessive heat into the building, not blinding the employees due to direct light beams and to enable air circulation inside by means of being operated with a remote control when desired. For the times when the daylight cannot be taken, instead of the conventional 400W Hg steam fixtures which are widely used in our country, 90W lighting fixtures enabling an equivalent luminosity level on the ground are used hence providing an energy saving of 140 kW per hour in the dark since the plant has been established.

In the plant, dusts arising from the processes are filtered by dust suction systems and therefore dispersion of dust to the environment is prevented, minimizing the exposure of the employees to dust. Dust leaks that may occur in the environment despite all this may be condensed in the environment in time, especially on the ground, so daily cleaning is carried out with electrically operated sweepers to clean such dust leaks.

All kinds of waste from the facility are either cleaned or destroyed at the source or stored in authorized spaces by means of being collected in separate containers in a manner to render the least volume, analyzed and sent to disposal or recycling facilities, hence the waste is prevented to be diffused around and contribution is made to the country economy accordingly.

In our Treatment Plant we put into operation in September 2010, we perform Chemical Pre-Treatment and send waste water to the O.I.Z. Treatment Facility ensuring that the conditions stipulated by the regulation are satisfied.

Nature Friendly Product

While designing our products and their packaging, we take great care to prevent any harm to the environment, human and other living things. By constantly reviewing the designs and formulations of our existing products, we are trying to use new raw materials to replace the ones bearing the mentioned risks. Safety Data Sheet is prepared before every newly developed product is launched to the market and the product design is definitely reviewed in the case any negative issues are detected.

Even though we try to manufacture environment-friendly products, we still have some plastic packages and it is essential that these are prevented from being dispersed to the nature and directed to the appropriate recycling channels by their users. The self-extinction time of PVC-derived plastics in nature is about 1000 years! If these plastic materials can be collected without being dispersed, it is possible that they are recycled and used again as a raw material to plastics.

In order to prevent the health problems caused by the respiration by the welders of copper vapors, copper particles and copper oxides that arise during welding processes due to the copper plating applied in the production of gas metal arc welding wire, non-copper coated wires have been produced by our company to be offered to the use of the customers. Thanks to this application, the use of sulfuric acid and copper sulphate used in the production process during copper plating has been eliminated hence the generation of acid vapors and chemical bath wastes is also prevented during production. By this means, the product is not only environment-friendly, but also brings along the concept of an environment-friendly production.

While the duration of extinction of a plastic with a volume of 1 mm3 is 1000 years in the nature, unalloyed steel in the same volume can be recycled in one year without causing any damage to the nature. On the other hand, any person looking around the environment can immediately perceive that the process of recycling plastic materials is not that healthy. Therefore, we manufactured the first Wire Basket in the 1990s, completely made of metal and ended the use of plastic rollers but still, we have not been able to prevent the complete use of plastics. Yet this time, the need for Plastic Adapters arose to connect the Wire Baskets to the machines. However, at the beginning of the 2000s, we produced the Magma Basket, which is more robust and which could be attached directly to the machine without the need of an adapter. By this means, the usage of plastics has been reduced to the zero level in the companies using our gas metal arc welding wires.

In order to realize the same application in our core wire product, which was produced by our company for the first time in our country, an R&D activity was initiated accordingly and 100% use of the Magma Basket was targeted and realized for core wire in the domestic market.