Brand History

The MAGMAWELD brand came out as an analogy between the molten core of the earth, the MAGMA and the WELDPOOL. 

OERLIKON Brand Milestones

OERLIKON is the name of an industrial district in north of Zurich-Switzerland. During 1940's & 1950's, some companies founded in this region used OERLIKON word in their corporate names. Oerlikon Schweisstechnik - Bührle was one of them. In 1957 Oerlikon Kaynak Elektrodları ve San. AŞ was established in Istanbul with a license agreement and minor partnership of Oerlikon Bührle Group.

Air Liquide (AL) of France acquired Oerlikon-Shweisstechnik from Oerlikon-Bührle Holding in 1991 and later they formed a separate company, Air Liquid Welding (ALW) for welding activities with other welding companies and brands they have owned such as SAF, FRO, ETC, COMMERCIE, CEMONT & WELDLINE. In 2005 the group announced a new brand strategy where new Oerlikon logo was introduced. ALW would use the colored version for its Oerlikon branded productions and Licensees would use the blue monochrome version. Parallel to this strategy since 2010, the new licensee logo has been used for our Oerlikon licensed products in Turkey.

This logo was used between 1986 - 2005 and that was highly favored with its modern lines, it was used in the same format also in Turkey in RED and BLUE colors. ALW did not touch this logo until 2005.

This logo was used in Turkey between 1975 and 1990. It was used in different forms as framed / non-framed and with different colours as RED, GREEN and BROWN.

In 1964, Oerlikon - Bührle created the first logo unique to Oerlikon Schweistechnik by separating the "Welding" activity from the "Industrial Machinery" activity. This BLUE logo was used until 1986 together with approximately 40 licensees all over the world. But in Turkey this logo was used in RED & GREEN.

In 1957, Oerlikon Kaynak Elektrodları ve Sanayi A.Ş decided to use this logo in Turkish Flag RED instead of GREEN until 1975.

Oerlikon Industrial Machinery plant was established by Oerlikon-Bührle Holding in the 1940's. First Oerlikon electrode press was built in this factory and electrode production was made here until 1964, later welding business is separated from the general machine manufacturing business.
The originator of the idea to produce electrodes with a concentric extrusion press was Dr. Malamut, an engineer of Russian origin moved to Switzerland after the second world war. He sold his invention to Dr. Bührle, the founder of Oerlikon Bührle Holding, where his invention has been transformed into an industry. After the creation of the licensee network, the brand and technology was scattered all around the world.