Welding Training and Engineering Services


Our aim with the training programs is to improve welding knowledge, techniques and abilities of welders and engineers, to be able to achive safer infrastructures for better living.

Our welding training programs which are given by our expert training group are divided into four catagories.

1.Specialization Seminars

1 or 2 days seminars about welding technologies for engineers and managers. Generally organized about below main subjects and also can be organized on special subjects according to industry’s needs. Certificate is given to the participants after seminar.

a. Maintenance and Hardfacing
b. Pipe Welding
c. Welding Stainless Steels
d. Welding Aluminum and It’s Alloys

2. Welder Improvement Trainings

1 week training courses about welding technologies for welders which are organized together with Ministry of National Education. 4-6 different seminars are performed every year during spring and fall. In these seminars main subjects are explained and practical training are performed to make the subjects more understandable. Seminars are organized on below subjects in either Istanbul or in Manisa and participation is free. “Certificate of Welding Training” is given to the participants after the course.

a. Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Electrode types and applications
Electrode standards
Power sources for shielded metal arc welding
Welding carbon steels
Welding cast irons
Weld defects, prevention and repair
Safety in welding

b. Gas Metal Arc Welding
Solid wires and flux cored wires
Shielding gases and properties
Power sources for MIG/MAG
Welding parameters
Weld defects, prevention and repair
Safety in welding

c. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Oxy-Gas Welding and Brazing

d. Maintenance and Hardfacing Applications

e. Submerged Arc Welding

3. On the Job Welder Trainings

1 or 2 days training courses about welding technologies and applications for minimum 10 welders in their workshops. During these trainings, main subjects are explained in theoratically and practical training are performed on their welding applications to make the subjects more understandable and to increase their production welds quality.

4. Regional Trainings

According to needs of industrial zones, regional courses are organized in cooperation with KOSGEB, chambers of engineers and other training centers, to improve welder’s job knowledge.


Preperation of Welding Procedure Specification: In order to control whether the welds in construction or production are in accordance to standard and code requirements or not, an agreement with an approval company is done. Generally, the owner of the construction or production determines the approval company. And the approval company determines the type of inspections required. Contractor or shipyard who will perform all welding jobs, can contact us to perform below job items.

We provide below services for our product range:
Determination of base metal properties
Determination of welding procedure
Selection of welding consumables and power sources
Preperation of welding shop with respect to welding jobs
Determination of weld groove type
Determination of welding positions and parameters
Determimation of pre-heating and post-weld heat treatments
Preperation of the working plan, supplying consumables for testing, performing the welding tests, preperation of test samples and performing tests required in applied standards.
Determination and supply of all welding consumables, power sources and equipments which are necessary for the applicable welding processes
Welder's training for welder certification of approval companies