EM 202


AWS/ASME SFA - 5.5 E7018-A1 H8
EN ISO 3580 - A E Mo B 42 H5
TS EN ISO 3580 - A E Mo B 42 H5

Approvals & Certificates


S255N - S420N StE 255 - StE 420
P235G1TH - P255G1TH St 35.8 - St 45.8
P295GH, P355GH 17Mn4, 19Mn5
16Mo3 15Mo3
L360MB - L415MB StE 360.7 TM - StE 415.7 TM
L360NB - L415NB StE 360.7 - StE 415.7
X52 - X60
GP240GH , G20Mo4 GS-C 25, GS-22Mo4

Properties and Applications

Basic type, heavy coated electrode for welding creep resistant steels employed in the fabrication of pressure vessels, boilers and pipes, subjected to operating temperatures of up to 500°C. Welds are of X-ray quality. Preheating, interpass temperature and post-weld heat treatment shall be done according to base metal used.
Em 202 Sert Dolgu

Typical Chemical Values of Weld Metal

Type of AnalysisCSiMnMo
Weld Deposit0.050.300.650,50

Typical Mechanical Values of Weld Metal(%)

Test ConditionYield Strength (N/mm²)Tensile Strength (N/mm²)Elongation A5 (%)Charpy V-Notch Properties (J)
As welded4855802720°C → 175
After Heat Treatment(620°C 1 hour)5005752620°C → 160

Application Information

Welding Positions :
Em 202 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 202 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 202 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 202 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 202 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 202 Kaynak Pozisyonu


Em 202 Kutuplama DC(+)

Welding Parameters & Efficiency :

Packaging Information

Product CodeDiameter X Length (mm)Pieces per Box (~)Weight Of The Box (kg)Number Of Boxes Per PackageWeight Of The PackagePackaging Type
12015HKEM22.50x3501182.5615.5VAC Box
12015HREM22.50x3502365.0315.4Cardboard Box
12015NKEM23.25x350722.5615.5VAC Box
12015NREM23.25x3501445.0315.4Cardboard Box
12015SKEM24.00x450372.5615.6VAC Box
12015SSEM24.00x450966.5319.9Cardboard Box
12015VSEM25.00x450646.5319.9Cardboard Box

Storage & Re-Drying Information

>It can be dried maximum 5 times.
>It has to be dried at 350°C for 2 hours.