EM 243


AWS/ASME SFA - 5.5 E12018-G

Properties and Applications

Basic type electrode for welding cementation steels and 1% Cr, 2.5% Ni, 0.7% Mo containing steels and cast steels. Suitable to use in machine building and construction of apparatus, as well as for repair welding of components made of similar steels grades. Preheating, interpass temperature and post-weld heat treatment should be done in accordance with base metal to be welded.
Em 243 Sert Dolgu

Typical Chemical Values of Weld Metal

Type of AnalysisCSiMnCrNiMo
Weld Deposit0.040,500.601.102.400.75

Typical Mechanical Values of Weld Metal(%)

Test ConditionYield Strength (N/mm²)Tensile Strength (N/mm²)Elongation A5 (%)Hardness (HB)Charpy V-Notch Properties (J)
As welded7908701830020°C → 60

Application Information

Welding Positions :
Em 243 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 243 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 243 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 243 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 243 Kaynak Pozisyonu Em 243 Kaynak Pozisyonu


Em 243 Kutuplama DC(+)

Welding Parameters & Efficiency :

Diameter x Length (mm)Current (A)Weld Deposit(Kg)/1Kg Consumed ElectrodeNumber of Electrodes/1Kg Weld DepositWeld Metal Deposition Rate (Kg/h)Efficiency(%)

Packaging Information

Product CodeDiameter X Length (mm)Pieces per Box (~)Weight Of The Box (kg)Number Of Boxes Per PackageWeight Of The PackagePackaging Type
12024HREM22.50x3502254.5313.8Cardboard Box
12024NREM23.25x3501525.0315.4Cardboard Box
12024SSEM24.00x4501006.5319.9Cardboard Box
12024VSEM25.00x450636.5319.9Cardboard Box

Storage & Re-Drying Information

>It can be dried maximum 5 times.
>It has to be dried at 350°C for 2 hours.