ESB 44


AWS/ASME SFA - 5.1 E7016 H8
EN ISO 2560 - A E 38 2 B 12 H10
TS EN ISO 2560 - A E 38 2 B 12 H10

Properties And Applications

Suitable for fabrication and repair welding of dynamically loaded steel constructions, machines and agricultural equipments, workshop and maintenence welding. Smooth and clean welds, blending into base metal without undercuts. Excellent gap bridging properties. The double covering of this electrode produces a stable, concentrated and directed arc, thus being ideally suited for root pass and positional welding and is suited for AC welding. Welds are of X-ray quality.

Approvals & Certificates


S185 - S355J0 St 33- St 52.3
P235GH, P265GH H I, H II
P295GH 17Mn4
P235TR2 - P355T2 St37.4 - St 52.4
P235G1TH, P255G1TH StE 35.8 - StE 45.8
L210 - L360NB StE 210.7 - StE 360.7
S255N - S355N StE 255- StE 355
GE 200, GE 240, GE 260 GS 38, GS 45, GS 52
AH 32, EH 36
A, B, D, E

Typical Chemical Values of Weld Metal

Type of AnalysisCSiMn
Weld Deposit0.060.651.00

Typical Mechanical Values of Weld Metal(%)

Test ConditionYield Strength (N/mm²)Tensile Strength (N/mm²)Elongation A5 (%)Charpy V-Notch Properties (J)
As welded45055025-20°C → 70-30°C → 55

Application Information

Welding Positions :
Esb 44 Kaynak Pozisyonu Esb 44 Kaynak Pozisyonu Esb 44 Kaynak Pozisyonu Esb 44 Kaynak Pozisyonu Esb 44 Kaynak Pozisyonu Esb 44 Kaynak Pozisyonu


Esb 44 Kutuplama Esb 44 Kutuplama

Welding Parameters & Efficiency :

Packaging Information

Product CodeDiameter X Length (mm)Kutudaki Miktar (yakl)Kutu Net Ağırlığı (kg)Number Of Boxes In PackageKoli Net Ağırlığı (kg)Packaging Type
11202EREM22.00x350394 ad5.0315.4Cardboard Box
11202HBEM22.50x35050 ad1.01011.3Plastic Box
11202HKEM22.50x350126 ad2.5615.6VAC Box
11202HQEM22.50x350126 ad2.5615.4Cardboard Box
11202HREM22.50x350251 ad5.0315.4Cardboard Box
11202N9EM13.25x35015 ad0.33011.1Blister
11202NBEM23.25x35030 ad1.01011.3Plastic Box
11202NKEM23.25x35076 ad2.5615.5VAC Box
11202NQEM23.25x35076 ad2.5615.4Cardboard Box
11202NREM23.25x350151 ad5.0315.4Cardboard Box
11202PKEM23.25x45059 ad2.5615.6VAC Box
11202PSEM23.25x450153 ad6.5319.9Cardboard Box
11202QBEM24.00x35020 ad1.01011.3Plastic Box
11202QKEM24.00x35049 ad2.5615.5VAC Box
11202SBEM24.00x45015 ad1.01011.3Plastic Box
11202SKEM24.00x45037 ad2.5615.6VAC Box
11202SSEM24.00x45097 ad6.5319.9Cardboard Box
11202VKEM25.00x45025 ad2.5615.6VAC Box
11202VSEM25.00x45064 ad6.5319.9Cardboard Box

Storage & Re-Drying Information

>It can be dried maximum 5 times.
>It has to be dried at 350°C for 2 hours.