Experience Power and Speed with Magmaweld Plasma

Experience Power and Speed with Magmaweld Plasma

ID 65 PCA & ID 65 PCB

For the last 64 years, MAGMAWELD has been leading the welding industry in Turkey with its expertise and passion for continuous improvement, and today Magmaweld begins a brand new journey.

We would like to proudly announce that our PLASMA CUTTING machines have joined our wide product family that we produce in our facilities in Manisa, entirely with the technology developed by the Magmaweld R&D center. ID 65 PCA and ID 65 PCB, the first models of our plasma product family, are designed to be used in both manual cutting and CNC machines as 65A.

With 28 mm burr-free cutting, 35 mm severance and 18 mm piercing performance, MAGMAWELD ID 65 plasma cutting machines allow you to make perfect cuts on all materials, including aluminum and stainless, without loss of performance.

With the automatic gas pressure adjustment in the ID 65 PCA model, you can always work on the most accurate gas pressure setting for your application. This extends consumable life and significantly reduces errors from adjustments, post-cut grinding and cleaning tasks. Your time and material waste will decrease and your profit will increase.

In your plasma cutting and gouging applications, the ID 65 increases your productivity and efficiency by maintaining cut quality despite high cutting speed.

It maximizes ease of use and comfort in cutting with ergonomically designed, easy-to-use torches that you can cut by drag the material. It adds value to your business with different torches, consumables and a wide range of accessories for every type of application.

Take your plasma journey with MAGMAWELD and experience power and speed.

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