Hardfacing Applications

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Wear of machine components, tools and equipment, is one of the most important problem in industry today and causes big economic losses to companies. The monetary loss due to wear should be calculated as the sum of cost involved in part replacement, downtime and energy loss. Wear mechanisms on components and tools are erosive wear, adhesive wear, abrasive wear, surface fatigue and corrosion. Majority of wear problems in industry are due to abrasion and adhesion.
Many critical components of machineries and production lines used in mining, mineral, iron and steel, cement, brick, plastic, paper processing, metal forming, earthmoving, construction, railrod, agriculture are subjected to severe wear in service. Some examples are ; Mining – crusher hammers and rolls, mantles of cone crushers, jaws of jaw crushers; Iron and Steel – continuous casting rolls, table rolls, pinch rolls; Cement : clinker grinding rolls, exhaust fans, conveyor screws; Earthmoving and Construction – bulldozer blades, asphalt mixer paddles, grader rippers, excavator buckets; Agriculture – tractor drive sprockets, tractor rollers, tillage tools; Tool and Die – shear blades, cutting tools, punching and forging dies; Railway - rails, frogs and wheels. Maintenance, repair and hardfacing of similar wearing parts, successfully done by means of arc welding methods, in each industry.
Surfacing is a process of depositing a suitable material layer over a base metal or substrate either to improve surface characteristics like corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. or to get the required dimension. Hardfacing is the application of a wear resistant layers on base metals to reduce wear by increasing the resistance of the metal surface to abrasion, impact, erosion or cavitation. Although hardfacing is primarily used to restore worn parts to extend their service life, this technique is also used in production of new parts. Hardfacing lessens the need for replacement parts by extending service life of a part, increases the operation efficiency by reducing both downtime and overall costs and also allows for the use of a cheaper base metals.
The success of the hardfacing process depends on choosing the most suitable hardfacing consumables in terms of chemical composition, microstructure, wear resistance for a particular application. So, the wear types and service conditions to which parts are exposed shall be well understood before choosing hardfacing consumables. The choice of arc welding process for hardfacing application is made according to available welding machines, part geometry and size, required hardfacing thickness, surface finish and applicability of the process. Besides, base metal’s type, chemical composition, thickness are very important to determine the correct welding procedure, preheat and post weld heat treatment requirement conditions during hardfacing. As a result; it is very important to determine the hardfacing consumable, welding process, welding machine and welding procedure by paying attention to all these issues in order to make successful hardfacing job.
The main purpose of Magmaweld in hardfacing product range is to extend the service life of parts, that are subjected to wear in the entire manufacturing industries. In order to achieve this goal, product development process uses Voice-of-Customer and Gemba methods effectively for understanding customer expectations and wear mechanisms on parts. Combining Magmaweld know-how and years of experience with customer expectations, product’s chemical analysis, metallurgical structure, hardness and wear resistance are determined. Thanks to successful hardfacing consumables in the product range, plants use machine parts, tools and equipments longer time, downtime is reduced and they save money.

Magmaweld offers high performance repair, maintenance, and hardfacing consumables, welding machines, welding auxiliary materials and safety products to all industries in order to perform the hardfacing jobs successfully and safely.


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