Steel Construction Industry

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Steel constructions have been builded in every country around the world, in the last 100 years. As the world's population increase, rapid urbanization is also accompanied and need for buildings and infrastructure continue to grow worldwide. Steel is a good construction material because it is readily available, cheaper, durable, safer, versatile and 100% recyclable.
As the size, importance and execution class of the construction increase, higher strength steels are used, thickness of the steel increase, safety level of construction increase, welding and weld properties become more critical.

Structural steel components are H-, I-, T beams, box columns or tubes, which are mainly used to form frames and skeletons, as load bearing members for buildings, heavy constructions and infrastructure projects. SAW, GMAW and FCAW processes are mainly used for fabrication of structural components from these structural steels. All these structural components are fabricated, inspected, and tested according to standard specifications and then delivered to project sites. Construction is performed by erection and assembly of these finished structural components on site, by bolting or by welding SMAW and FCAW processes in the site. Welding process choice depend on site conditions, joint place and possibility of shielding the arc from weather conditions like wind and rain in open space.

Additionally to mechanical properties, weldability properties of consumables also effect resultant weld metal soundness and safety in buildings. If welds are done according to approved welding procedure specifications with carefully chosen welding consumables and power sources, welds will be sound, defect free and safe.

Magmaweld consumables and equipment are designed and produced to meet steel construction industry’s tough requirements. Our experiences from mega construction and inftrastructure projects and also our direct communication with construction industry professionals allow us to understand the needs in construction industry, for developing our welding products and production processes.

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