SW 703Si


EN ISO 14171-A S3Si
TS EN ISO 14171-A S3Si

Properties And Applications

Solid, submerged arc welding wire suitable for welding general structural steels with medium and high tensile strengths, used in pressure vessel, boiler, pipe, shipbuilding and steel constructions. Higher manganese and silicon content improves deoxidation of weld pool. Copper coating increases electrical conductivity and resistance against rusting.

Approvals & Certificates

Typical Chemical Features of the Welding Wire

Type of AnalysisCSiMn
Welding Wire0.090.301.65

Typical Chemical Values of Weld Metal

Welding FluxType of AnalysisCSiMn
SF 204Weld Deposit0.060.601.70
SF 212Weld Deposit0.050.951.70
SF 414Weld Deposit0.060.351.65
SF 134Weld Deposit0.070.551.90
SF 401Weld Deposit0.070.301.60
SF 104Weld Deposit0.060.451.55
SF 304Weld Deposit0.060.651.75
SF 124Weld Deposit0.060.451.75

Typical Mechanical Values of Weld Metal(%)

Test ConditionWelding FluxYield Strength (N/mm²)Tensile Strength (N/mm²)Elongation A5 (%)Charpy V-Notch Properties (J)
As weldedSF 10447055028-20°C → 90-30°C → 75-40°C → 60
As weldedSF 30448054028-20°C → 120-30°C → 80-40°C → 55
As weldedSF 12444055030-30°C → 90-40°C → 70 
As weldedSF 20451061028-20°C → 120-30°C → 100-40°C → 60
As weldedSF 2125306102620°C → 650°C → 40 
As weldedSF 41447056030-40°C → 120-50°C → 75-60°C → 50
As weldedSF 13447557530-30°C → 100-40°C → 70-50°C → 50
As weldedSF 40148053028-30°C → 120-40°C → 100-50°C → 80

Application Information

Welding Positions :
Sw 703Si Kaynak Pozisyonu Sw 703Si Kaynak Pozisyonu Sw 703Si Kaynak Pozisyonu


Sw 703Si Kutuplama DC(+)

Welding Parameters & Efficiency :

Packaging Information

Product CodeDiameter (mm)Weight Of The Box (kg)Boxes Per PackageWeight Of The PackagePackaging Type
41004HXAM22.0025.0125.9Wire Basket Spool (K435)
41004IXAM22.4025.0125.9Wire Basket Spool (K435)
41004LXAM23.2025.0125.9Wire Basket Spool (K435)
41004MXAM24.0025.0125.9Wire Basket Spool (K435)

Storage & Re-Drying Information

>Shouldn t be exposed to high statical load and impact.