TAL 5356


AWS/ASME SFA - 5.10 ER5356
EN ISO 18273 S Al 5356 (AlMg5Cr(A))
TS 6204 EN ISO 18273 S Al 5356 (AlMg5Cr(A))
DIN M. No. 3.3556


DIN Material
AlMg Si 1 3.2315
G-AlMg 5 3.3561
G-AlMg 5 Si 3.3261
AlZn 4.5 Mg 1 3.4335
G-AlMg 3 Si 3.3241
AlMg 2 Mn 0.8 3.3527
Al Mg 3 3.3535
G-AlMg 3 3.3541
AlMg 5 3.3555

Properties and Applications

5% Mg (Magnesium) containing aluminium welding rod for GTA (TIG) welding of Al-Mg (Aluminimum- Magnesium) alloys and Al-Mg-Si (Aluminimum-Magnesium-Silicon) alloys. Gives colour match with base metal after anodizing process. Has excellent ductility and very good corrosion resistance especially in sea water.
Tal 5356 Sert Dolgu

Typical Chemical Features of the Welding Wire

Type of AnalysisCrAlMg
Welding Wire0.1095.154.75

Typical Mechanical Values of Weld Metal(%)

Test ConditionProtection GasYield Strength (N/mm²)Tensile Strength (N/mm²)Elongation A5 (%)
As weldedI112027028

* Chemical compositon and mechanical properties are valid when using shielding gas EN ISO 14175 - I1 (%100 Ar) .

Application Information

Welding Positions :
Tal 5356 Kaynak Pozisyonu Tal 5356 Kaynak Pozisyonu Tal 5356 Kaynak Pozisyonu Tal 5356 Kaynak Pozisyonu Tal 5356 Kaynak Pozisyonu Tal 5356 Kaynak Pozisyonu


Tal 5356 Kutuplama AC

Protection Gas:


Welding Parameters & Efficiency :

Packaging Information

Product CodeDiameter X Length (mm)Weight Of The Box (kg)Boxes Per PackageWeight Of The PackagePackaging Type
24104GAKM21.60x10002.5411.3Cardboard Tube
24104GFKM21.60x10002.048.3Plastic Box
24104HAKM22.00x10002.5411.3Cardboard Tube
24104HFKM22.00x10002.048.3Plastic Box
24104IAKM22.40x10002.5411.3Cardboard Tube
24104IFKM22.40x10002.048.3Plastic Box
24104LAKM23.20x10002.5411.3Cardboard Tube
24104LFKM23.20x10002.048.3Plastic Box
24104MAKM24.00x10002.5411.3Cardboard Tube

Storage & Re-Drying Information

>Shouldn t be exposed to high statical load and impact.