FCO 532


EN 14700 ~T Fe15
TS EN 14700 ~T Fe15
DIN 8555 MF 10-GF-65-GR

Properties and Applications

Hardfacing open-arc flux cored wire which is developed for hardfacing of parts subjected to especially high gouging abrasion and low degree impact. Weld metal deposit is composed of an austenitic matrix and Cr and Nb complex carbides so, will readily stress relief check crack which is not detrimental to abrasion resistance, but decrease impact resistance. Weld metal has high hardness and excellent wear resistance even in single pass due to In order to have good results, maximum 2 passes shall be welded.

Typical Applications : Suitable for hardfacing of pumps and mixer parts, conveyer screws, bulldozer blades, shovel bucket, lips and teeths, brick and clay mill augers, wear plates and screens in mineral, stone, sand and coal mines.
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Wear Resistance Types and Microstructure





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Typical Applications

Fco 532 Model Tipik Uygulamalar Fco 532 Model Tipik Uygulamalar Fco 532 Model Tipik Uygulamalar Fco 532 Model Tipik Uygulamalar

Typical Chemical Values of Weld Metal

Type of AnalysisCSiMnCrNbFeB
Weld Deposit5.200.900.2021.007.0064.701.00

Typical Mechanical Values of Weld Metal(%)

Test ConditionHardness (HRc)
As welded65

Application Information

Welding Positions :
Fco 532 Kaynak Pozisyonu Fco 532 Kaynak Pozisyonu


Fco 532 Kutuplama

Welding Parameters & Efficiency :

Diameter (mm)Yığma Oranı(kg/saat)Verimlilik(%)

Packaging Information

Product CodeDiameter (mm)Kutudaki Miktar (yakl)Kutu Net Ağırlığı (kg)Number Of Boxes In PackageKoli Net Ağırlığı (kg)Packaging Type
38213GJAM21.6015 kg15.0115.7Wire Basket Spool (K300MS)
38213IJAM22.4015 kg15.0115.7Wire Basket Spool (K300MS)
38213IXAM22.4025 kg25.0125.8Wire Basket Spool (K435)
38213J2HM22.80250 kg250.01265.0Bidon
38213JXAM22.8025 kg25.0125.8Wire Basket Spool (K435)

Storage & Re-Drying Information

>Shouldn t be exposed to high statical load and impact.