EN 14700

S Fe8

TS EN 14700

S Fe8

DIN 8555


DIN M. No.


Gas metal arc (MIG/MAG) welding wire especially developed for hardfacing of parts subjected to high metal-to-metal friction, mineral abrasion and moderate impact. Weld metal can retain it's hardness at high temperatures, till 600°C. Weld metal can be grinded and machined by diamond tools. A tough buffer layer with FCW 30 is recommended before hardfacing, if base metal has high carbon and low weldability. Heat treatment after hardfacing will decrease as-welded hardness. Typical Applications: Ceramic tile moulds, mixer blades, crushers, earth moving equipments, hot cut-offs, shear blades, dies for pressure casting, scraper blades, conveyors, rollers.